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Causes of The Buttocks Not Formed After Exercise

Causes of The Buttocks Not Formed After Exercise

Causes of The Buttocks Not Formed After Exercise – Having a good butt shape is a dream for many women, because with a good butt shape, women can be more self-confessed.

Which girl doesn’t want a toned butt? No wonder many are trying to get it with specific exercises to achieve the desired shape. Unfortunately, there are not a few that do not produce sweet results, even though it feels like you have been exercising to death.

So, so that your hard work is not in vain and gets the desired results, you need to know some of the reasons why your butt doesn’t form even though you have exercised.

1. Not doing squats properly

You are certainly no stranger to squat movements. This movement is one of the mainstays that experts recommend in shaping a beautiful butt.

Squats are one of the best exercises and provide a lot of benefits when done correctly. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do squats with the wrong posture, so that the benefits are not visible or are not optimal.

Not only that, if you continue to maintain the wrong posture, it will increase the risk of injury.

2. Sitting too long can also affect the shape of your buttocks

Without realizing it, the habit of sitting for a long time can also make your exercise to shape your butt in vain, you know.

The habit of sitting for long hours will put your weight on your buttocks. Well, this is what will change the shape of the buttocks to be less attractive, the habit of long sitting will also shorten and tighten the hip flexors. This can affect your ability to activate your glutes and core, even when you are not sitting.

3. Do not avoid sports that put weight on the muscles in the buttocks area

Butt muscles are very strong muscles, so it takes a much heavier load to train them, women often feel hesitant to do weightlifting.

They fear that lifting weights can make their muscles bigger. In fact, to train muscles like glutes, you have to train them maximally by adding weights and fewer reps.

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4. Do not forget to give your buttocks time to rest

When lifting heavy weights, the body needs time to repair all the micro tears that occur in the muscles. It usually takes about 36-48 hours. Therefore, if you want your current program to work, don’t train your glutes every day.

5. Do a variety of sports, don’t just focus on one movement

If you want to have a beautiful butt, don’t just focus on one movement. Doing the same movement every day will only waste a butt shaping program.

Why? Because in training to shape the buttocks, you also have to train all parts of the body. You can do resistance training like squats and lunges to work your hips at least three times a week. Then, every two times a week you can do cardio exercises that focus on training glute engagement such as going up and down stairs, climbing hills, or running.…

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