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Sports Tips to Shrink Waist

Sports Tips to Shrink Waist

Sports Tips to Shrink Waist – Many are a trigger for us to do sports in earnest. One of the most common reasons for exercise is to be able to reduce the waist. One way that can be done is to do sports properly

Sports Tips to Shrink Waist

1. Doing sports that focus on the waist

There are certain sports that can really help streamline the appearance of your waist. These sports include:
– Side plank with one leg raised. Not only focusing the waist muscles, side planks can also help to shape your hands and feet.
– Bicycle Crunches. The movement of crunches such as pedaling a bicycle is very effective in building abdominal muscles. Not only that, Bicycle Crunches can also be a cardio exercise that increases heart rate and burns calories.
– Russian Twist. Of the two movements above, the Russian Twist is arguably the easiest. You only need to sit with your legs folded forward, while moving your waist to the left and right.

2. Consume foods with healthy fats

Losing weight doesn’t mean you don’t eat fat at all. Instead you should still consume healthy fats in your daily life. Starting from avocados, nuts, seeds, salmon, tofu, and others.

3. Consume fiber-rich foods

Not only can it help to streamline the waist, fibrous eating habits are also good for your body as a whole. Fiber-rich foods can come from vegetables and fruits, such as wheat, nuts, apples, carrots, oranges, and others.

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4. Diligently do cardio exercise

Cardio is always touted as a way to lose weight. Cardio which includes cycling, swimming, running and walking is able to burn fat and calories optimally if done regularly. Of course, this needs to be supported by consuming healthy foods.

5. Use a sports-specific corset

In recent months, there has been a trend of wearing a corset while exercising. However, it is not a corset that is usually used as a ‘shaper’ of the body behind body fit clothing, such as kebaya, dress, and others. The corset is specifically designed for exercise, which is claimed to help the process of forming the waist line and body muscles.
One celebrity who often uses a sports corset is Kim Kardashian. In fact, he issued a special line of ‘shapewear’ called Skims.…

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