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Exercise To Strengthen Respiratory Function

Exercise To Strengthen Respiratory Function

Exercise To Strengthen Respiratory Function – Respiratory function is one of the body’s health that must be considered, to strengthen the respiratory function, you can do some sports.

It seems that it is common knowledge that exercise is beneficial for health, both physically and mentally. However, exercise seems to improve lung health too.

When the body is active, the heart and lungs will work harder to supply the additional oxygen that the muscles need.

Frequent exercise will make your physical fitness improve, the body will also be more efficient in getting oxygen into the bloodstream and transferring it to the muscles that work.

That is one reason why you are less likely to get short of breath during exercise from time to time.

1. Take a leisurely walk

Walking can be a healthy lifestyle. Based on information from Better Health, to start your walking habit, you can start by walking for a few minutes every week and increase the duration of your walk gradually.

Although simple, walking has many health benefits, especially heart and lung health.

walking can help burn calories, lower sugar and blood pressure levels, relieve joint pain, boost the body’s immune system and even have an effect on reducing stress.

2. Do yoga

Simple physical activities that can be done at home, one of which is yoga. Doing yoga can actually tone muscles, train flexibility and balance, reduce stress, help you sleep better and train your breathing.

For beginners, you should do simple yoga movements to avoid injury. Some simple yoga movements, such as tree pose, child’s pose, baby pigeon, mountain pose, legs up the wall, and cat-cow pose.

3. Weight training

Weightlifting using heavy equipment or weights can train your arms and strengthen your breathing function. Lifting weights can also improve the health of the circulatory system as reported in Prevention. However, start to train your arms with light weights. Do it gradually and increase the weight of the barbell when you are able to control your breath.

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4. Swimming

Swimming exercise can train the lung muscles and diagframa to use oxygen to be more effective. A swimmer has better lung strength than a runner.

5. Cycling

Cycling has many benefits for the heart. Cycling can optimize the performance of the cardiovascular system by strengthening the heart and increasing circulation throughout the body so that oxygen exchange is better.

A good cardiovascular system will also reduce the risk of heart disease, such as stroke and lower blood pressure.…

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