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Simple Exercises to Strengthen Arms

Simple Exercises to Strengthen Arms

Simple Exercises to Strengthen Arms – Getting strong arms is not necessary with complicated exercises. Simple but regular exercise can actually make the arm muscles become more powerful.

Professor of medicine from New York University, Marilyn Moffat provides some simple exercises that do not require many tools to increase arm muscle strength. Launching The Independent, according to Moffat who is also the author of Age Defying Fitness, these exercises can be done individually. However, to get better results, these exercises can be combined. Repeat each of these exercises until you get the desired arm strength.

1. Plank

A simple plank exercise can activate the arm muscles. Planks are simpler than push ups. This exercise can be done by placing your forearms and elbows on the mat. Then lift your hips with your arms and heels as support. Keep your body straight like a plank. As your hips lift, contract your abdominal muscles. Hold this position for up to 30-60 seconds. Do it 6-8 times. If you are good at this simple plank, you can increase the exercise by lifting one leg.

2. Plank sideways

This type of exercise supports the body with one arm. One of the lower arms and legs supports the body.

3. Push up chair

Take a chair, position it near the wall for safety. Place your hands on the chair and then position your body as if you were going to do a push up. Do this exercise 8-12 times.

4. The opposite of chair push ups

This exercise is a modification of the chair push up. Moffat says he prefers doing this modification exercise. Other types of push ups can also be done standing up against the wall.

5. Feet on chair

Still using the chair, but this time it’s not the arms on the chair but the legs.
put your feet on the chair while the body as if doing push ups down.

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6. Reverse Plank

This type of plank makes the body position diagonally with the head. This exercise makes the triceps work actively.

7. Burpees

Moffat suggested that in order to maximize the arm, jumping on the burpee did not need to be done. However, focus on the movement of the feet towards the hands.

8. Twist the arm

This exercise is quite easy by simply spreading your arms and rotating them clockwise and anticlockwise. Change the spin when the arm is tired.…

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