How to Avoid Injuries during Exercise

How to Avoid Injuries during Exercise

How to Avoid Injuries during Exercise – Injuries while exercising are no longer familiar, this can happen because it is caused by several factors, one of which is a lack of warm-up.

Exercise is one of the important keys to getting a healthy body. However, even though it is healthy, exercise carries the risk of injury. Even so, don’t make it an excuse to be lazy to exercise. Moreover, sports injuries can be prevented, really!

1. Prior to heating

Warming up is essential for preparing the body and mind for the main training session by increasing the heart rate gradually, warming up muscles and connective tissue, increasing mobility, and increasing the functionality of all body movements. This will lower the likelihood of straining a muscle or tendon because the muscles will be warm, loose, supple, and ready for the exercise.

To warm up, you need to use the same equipment or activity as the main session. Start exercising at a low intensity for about 10 minutes, then gradually increase your pace to a level close to the target speed of the main session.

2. Recover first

If you are already injured or injured, make sure you rest until you fully recover before starting to exercise again. Don’t try to hide or tolerate pain.

When the body has completely recovered, you may need to start with as light exercise as possible before returning to exercising at the same intensity. So, don’t be in a hurry, OK!

3. Use the right technique

Before starting a sport, first learn the proper way to move during sports or other special techniques. Because, different types of sports require different ways of standing and posture.

For example, in some sports, participants need to bend the knee at certain times to avoid injury to the spine or hip.

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4. Create a schedule of rest

The role of rest in any exercise should not be underestimated. Rest is essential to allow the body to recover and repair the microscopic damage to muscles and related tissues that occurs during exercise.

If you neglect rest, this will cause the damage to build up, which results in the body becoming weaker, making it more susceptible to injury or illness.

Include at least one day of complete rest each week. Also, after you’ve had a certain race or sporting competition, take a few days off to recuperate. Because at that moment, the demands on the body are usually greater than regular routine exercises, so you will need a longer recovery time.

5. Pay attention to nutritional needs

Good nutrition is an important part of exercise to achieve optimal results. The higher the demands of exercise on the body, it means that the nutritional needs are also greater when compared to people who do not move much.

If these nutritional requirements are neglected, it will interfere with the body’s recovery from exercise, leading to illness or injury.

Here are some ways you can make sure that you are getting good nutrition:

Eat small meals regularly so that you are more energized during exercise and your body can replace energy quickly;
Sufficient protein needs, because protein has a very important role for muscle growth and repair;
Prevent low energy by avoiding long distances between meals or snacks;
Focus on clean eating by eating whole foods and avoiding highly processed and unhealthy foods as much as possible.


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