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How to Avoid Injuries during Exercise

How to Avoid Injuries during Exercise

How to Avoid Injuries during Exercise – Injuries while exercising are no longer familiar, this can happen because it is caused by several factors, one of which is a lack of warm-up.

Exercise is one of the important keys to getting a healthy body. However, even though it is healthy, exercise carries the risk of injury. Even so, don’t make it an excuse to be lazy to exercise. Moreover, sports injuries can be prevented, really!

1. Prior to heating

Warming up is essential for preparing the body and mind for the main training session by increasing the heart rate gradually, warming up muscles and connective tissue, increasing mobility, and increasing the functionality of all body movements. This will lower the likelihood of straining a muscle or tendon because the muscles will be warm, loose, supple, and ready for the exercise.

To warm up, you need to use the same equipment or activity as the main session. Start exercising at a low intensity for about 10 minutes, then gradually increase your pace to a level close to the target speed of the main session.

2. Recover first

If you are already injured or injured, make sure you rest until you fully recover before starting to exercise again. Don’t try to hide or tolerate pain.

When the body has completely recovered, you may need to start with as light exercise as possible before returning to exercising at the same intensity. So, don’t be in a hurry, OK!

3. Use the right technique

Before starting a sport, first learn the proper way to move during sports or other special techniques. Because, different types of sports require different ways of standing and posture.

For example, in some sports, participants need to bend the knee at certain times to avoid injury to the spine or hip.

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4. Create a schedule of rest

The role of rest in any exercise should not be underestimated. Rest is essential to allow the body to recover and repair the microscopic damage to muscles and related tissues that occurs during exercise.

If you neglect rest, this will cause the damage to build up, which results in the body becoming weaker, making it more susceptible to injury or illness.

Include at least one day of complete rest each week. Also, after you’ve had a certain race or sporting competition, take a few days off to recuperate. Because at that moment, the demands on the body are usually greater than regular routine exercises, so you will need a longer recovery time.

5. Pay attention to nutritional needs

Good nutrition is an important part of exercise to achieve optimal results. The higher the demands of exercise on the body, it means that the nutritional needs are also greater when compared to people who do not move much.

If these nutritional requirements are neglected, it will interfere with the body’s recovery from exercise, leading to illness or injury.

Here are some ways you can make sure that you are getting good nutrition:

Eat small meals regularly so that you are more energized during exercise and your body can replace energy quickly;
Sufficient protein needs, because protein has a very important role for muscle growth and repair;
Prevent low energy by avoiding long distances between meals or snacks;
Focus on clean eating by eating whole foods and avoiding highly processed and unhealthy foods as much as possible.…

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Effective Movement Forms the Arm Muscles

Effective Movement Forms the Arm Muscles

Effective Movement Forms the Arm Muscles – For many people to build their arm muscles they have to use gym tools, even though in fact there are several movements that can build up their arm muscles without gym tools.

Having strong and muscular arms is the desire of many people. With large arm muscles, the body does look more athletic.

Not only that, strong arm muscles also make it easier for you to carry out daily activities, such as carrying children, lifting gallons of water, or pushing heavy objects.

1. Side plank with arm extension

This arm movement focuses more on the oblique, shoulders, arms and legs.

How to do it:

Try lying on your right side with your left foot on your right
Push your forearms to the floor for balance while doing the side planks
Keep your right arm straight and hold your body parallel, especially when your arms move from top to side (try not to get your arms over your shoulder)
Always keep your body straight between your head, neck and legs and do 3 reps of this movement (1 set = 10 reps) for each arm.

2. Triceps dip

You can do a triceps dip on a sofa, chair, or a stable surface that is higher than where you are standing. To do this is not too difficult, but make no mistake, this movement can make your sweat pour out, you know. Focusing on triceps, here are the triceps dip movements you can do:

Place your hands shoulder width apart on a chair or surface that is higher than the body
Bring your legs forward slightly so that they are almost straight but don’t lock your knees
Lower your body slowly, then lift your body up again
Concentrate on pulling the triceps down and lifting
Do this movement 3 sets (1 set = 12 reps)

3. Decline push-ups

The muscles targeted by decline push-ups are the triceps, deltoids, abs, and chest.

How to do it:

Start in a plank position with your legs straight to a higher surface (such as a chair, ladder, or a pilates ball).
Bend your elbows and lower your chest slowly to the floor
Push up with your palms until your arms are straight and return to the starting position
Do 3 sets (1 set = 10 reps)

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4. Plank tap

The areas of the arms targeted for the plank tap are the glutes, triceps, deltoids, abs, and lats.

How to do it:

Start with a plank motion by placing your hands and feet on the floor shoulder width apart
Keep your core and glutes calm, then raise your right hand to your left shoulder and vice versa. This movement counts for one rep
Perform plank tap 3 sets (1 set = 15-20 reps)

5. Push-ups

Push-ups are useful for building upper body strength. With this movement, you can train your triceps, shoulders and chest. When done the right way, push-ups can also strengthen your lower back and abdominal muscles.

How to do it:

Starting in a plank position and holding your stomach, rest your wrists on the floor just below your shoulders and let your neck relax
Slowly lower your body down with your hands until your elbows form a 90 degree angle
Keep your body straight and push back up to the plank position (counts 1 rep)
Do this movement 3 sets (1 set = 10-20 reps)…

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Reasons Guys Should Be Fitness

Reasons Guys Should Be Fitness

Reasons Guys Should Be Fitness – Fitness is one sport that has many enthusiasts, because this sport is more effective because it uses tools that can help you to exercise.

Fitness sports are usually defined as a type of exercise to train muscles to be strong and develop. Fitness can indeed be done by anyone, but usually it is more synonymous with men. Yep, guys generally want to have a muscular build to make them look more attractive, especially in the eyes of the opposite sex.

1. Healthy body

The first reason is of course you can guess. Yes, sports can certainly make the body healthy, including fitness. With fitness, your heart will be healthy, your blood circulation will run smoothly, your breathing will be trained, and so on. All of that will make you avoid various dangerous diseases.

2. Relieve stress

Not only physically, exercising can also nourish you mentally. When exercising, our bodies will produce endorphins, which are happy hormones that reduce stress. That’s the reason why we usually feel much more energized after exercising.

3. Make your muscles and stamina strong

Fitness in particular can be very beneficial for men because it can make your muscles and stamina strong. As a guy, of course you often have to do work that uses physical strength. If your muscles are strong, doing that won’t be a problem for you.

Apart from muscles, strong stamina is also important. With strong stamina, you can do work for a long time without feeling tired. If you just work for a while, you immediately get tired, of course you are also the one who is having a hard time? That’s why you need to train your stamina.

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4. Can protect yourself and those you care about

With trained and strong muscles, you can also protect yourself and your loved ones. As a guy, of course you have to be able to do that. Especially if you become the head of the family later.

It would be better if you combine fitness with martial arts training. But without any special training, it’s likely that your physical strength will be sufficient to ward off bad guys’ attacks. Even by looking at your well-built and muscular body, it could be that the criminals have been rushed and don’t dare mess with you!

5. Train useful traits

Last but not least, it turns out that fitness can not only benefit you physically and mentally, but also good for practicing useful traits. For example discipline, because to be able to do fitness regularly, of course you have to have good discipline.

Hard work and an unyielding nature will be trained, because lifting heavy weights is certainly not an easy thing. And with fitness, you will also get used to the courage to accept challenges. As a prospective family head, you certainly agree that all of these traits are very important for you to have, right?…

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Causes of The Buttocks Not Formed After Exercise

Causes of The Buttocks Not Formed After Exercise

Causes of The Buttocks Not Formed After Exercise – Having a good butt shape is a dream for many women, because with a good butt shape, women can be more self-confessed.

Which girl doesn’t want a toned butt? No wonder many are trying to get it with specific exercises to achieve the desired shape. Unfortunately, there are not a few that do not produce sweet results, even though it feels like you have been exercising to death.

So, so that your hard work is not in vain and gets the desired results, you need to know some of the reasons why your butt doesn’t form even though you have exercised.

1. Not doing squats properly

You are certainly no stranger to squat movements. This movement is one of the mainstays that experts recommend in shaping a beautiful butt.

Squats are one of the best exercises and provide a lot of benefits when done correctly. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do squats with the wrong posture, so that the benefits are not visible or are not optimal.

Not only that, if you continue to maintain the wrong posture, it will increase the risk of injury.

2. Sitting too long can also affect the shape of your buttocks

Without realizing it, the habit of sitting for a long time can also make your exercise to shape your butt in vain, you know.

The habit of sitting for long hours will put your weight on your buttocks. Well, this is what will change the shape of the buttocks to be less attractive, the habit of long sitting will also shorten and tighten the hip flexors. This can affect your ability to activate your glutes and core, even when you are not sitting.

3. Do not avoid sports that put weight on the muscles in the buttocks area

Butt muscles are very strong muscles, so it takes a much heavier load to train them, women often feel hesitant to do weightlifting.

They fear that lifting weights can make their muscles bigger. In fact, to train muscles like glutes, you have to train them maximally by adding weights and fewer reps.

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4. Do not forget to give your buttocks time to rest

When lifting heavy weights, the body needs time to repair all the micro tears that occur in the muscles. It usually takes about 36-48 hours. Therefore, if you want your current program to work, don’t train your glutes every day.

5. Do a variety of sports, don’t just focus on one movement

If you want to have a beautiful butt, don’t just focus on one movement. Doing the same movement every day will only waste a butt shaping program.

Why? Because in training to shape the buttocks, you also have to train all parts of the body. You can do resistance training like squats and lunges to work your hips at least three times a week. Then, every two times a week you can do cardio exercises that focus on training glute engagement such as going up and down stairs, climbing hills, or running.…

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Light Exercise to Gain Weight

Light Exercise to Gain Weight

Light Exercise to Gain Weight – Problems in the body are not only about how to lose weight, but there are some people who have problems gaining weight.

Often times, people will feel less confident about their appearance due to being too thin. Eating food is an option when you want to gain weight.

However, consumption of unhealthy foods will cause the body to experience health problems. Exercise is one solution when you want to gain weight in a healthy manner.

1. Push ups, exercise to strengthen the biceps and triceps

Push ups are one of the mild exercises that are often done to strengthen the biceps and triceps muscles. Here’s how to do it:

  • Lie on your stomach. Then place your hands on your palms and face them down, bending your elbows shoulder width apart;
  • Place your toes on the floor and align your feet and back;
  • Slowly push your whole body up with your hands. Extend your arms completely. The whole body must be upright, supported by the hands and feet;
  • Lower your body slowly by bending your elbows. No part of the body should touch the ground except the hands and feet;
  • Repeat 15 times or until you have had enough.

2. Bench dips, train your upper body

Bench dips are one of the most basic exercises for gaining muscle mass. Here’s how to do bench dips:

Prepare a sturdy chair behind your back. The chair should be wide and stable;

  • Hold the edge of the bench with your palms. Your palms should face down with your fingertips facing the floor;
  • Extend the legs forward, bend them at the waist and perpendicular to the torso;
  • Slowly inhale and lower your buttocks by bending your elbows and pushing your body down so that your forearms are perpendicular to the floor;
  • On the exhale, straighten your arms and raise your body back to the starting position;
  • Do it repeatedly until you feel enough.

3. Pull up, train the muscles of the hands and back

Pull ups are movements of the body that are hung by the hands and pulled upwards. Here’s how to do it:

  • Hold the pull up bar with your palms facing out. Hands should be level with the shoulders;
  • Pull the body up, so that the chin is above the bar. Make sure your feet don’t really touch the floor;
  • Lower your body slowly until your feet touch the floor, and your arms are completely straight.
  • Do it repeatedly until you feel enough.

4. Squats, one of the bodyweight training movements

Squats are an exercise that uses your own body weight as a weight. Squats are done to train the lower body and core muscles. Here’s how to do it:

  • Stand straight with your feet parallel to your hips;
  • Raise your arms straight out in front of you and perpendicular to the floor. You can also spread your fingers and bring your palms together in front of your chest;
  • Keep the whole body tight and bend the stomach;
  • Take a deep breath and lower your buttocks as if you were sitting in a chair. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor;
  • When performing this exercise, make sure that the bent knee does not go past the big toe and that the body is straight;
  • Return to starting position and repeat 5 times.

5. Reverse crunch, strengthens the abdominal muscles

Reverse crunch is a movement that is useful for maximizing abdominal muscles. Here’s how to do it:

  • Lie on your back with your hands under your hips and feet flat on the floor;
  • Raise your knees toward your head and pump slightly upward at the end of the movement. Then, lower your legs back down to make 1 rep;
  • Do 3 rounds repeatedly.
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